Labba Black Reindeer

355 kr
Black reindeer leather bracelet with an reindeer antler tip button. The deep black leather is soft and natural vegetable tanned in Sweden. 
It is 3cm wide and is like a cuff, we think it is really pretty to wear also on top of your sweater or shirt if not directly on your skin. A nice statement piece for your everyday style.
  • Leather: Swedish Reindeer
  • Button: Swedish Reindeer antler tip, about 3cm long.
  • Detail: The Littmarck plate is made of silver 925 (Sterling silver) and it may oxidize (turn a bit dark), if you wish to polish it please have in mind to not use any liquid polisher since it can easily stain the leather. A polishing cloth is much better!

Handmade with love and precision in Sweden.