Hello you, welcome to my store!

Wow, glad to have you here. In this very northern and Swedish corner of the internet you will find pieces made by hand with love and precision. And kindness. I am fascinated by the culture of the sami tribes living in the polar area of Scandinavia. Such a wise, strong, beautiful and Mother Earth friendly culture. My bracelet collection is made in their style but with my touch. Not meant to be a rip off, it's a tribute full of respect and most components are sourced from up north.

I'm proud to say that I have been running this business for ages now, during many very intense, very fun and successful years and lately now during some years when life it self has been more intense.. A kid and grown up stuff came along. You might know the drill.. So, these days I sell my work only right here where you are in this very moment. Can't find it in any other store online or elsewhere. So, lucky me, you found your way in here. Thanks for stopping by.

Best regards , Maja Littmarck

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