Nijak Gold

795 kr

We named this style Nijak after a great mountain in the amazing Swedish national park Sarek.

Gold plated leather bracelet with a double three strand braid with two twists  in spun tin-silver thread. Sometimes we come across the totally alternative fact that one cannot mix gold and silver, well, you simply can and when you do magic appears! 

Leather products get a nice patina with time, it is a natural material and that is the beauty of it. You will notice that the size will grow a tiny bit, so if you try it on and it is really tight, do not panic, it will loosen up and get just perfect on your wrist. The spun tin-silver thread will age with grace and if you wear it a lot and for long time it will look almost like armor or fish scale.  Plated leather, like used for this piece, will get a vintage look after some time of wearing.

Please keep your bracelet away from water and be careful with cosmetics, perfume and other chemicals.

  • Leather: Lamb
  • Braiding: Tin thread (5% silver) made in Sweden
  • Clasp: Hand made button of Swedish reindeer antler and a leather loop.
  • Logo detail: Silver

Handmade with love and precision by women at a safe workplace in Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa. We are very proud of and very grateful for our production, we learnt a lot about life and the world setting it all up.