Set - Silene

725 kr
Silent acculis, a.k.a moss campion, is a tiny sweet flower growing up north here in Scandinavia, pretty pink!

Set of three Kabla bracelets. Lovely color combo!
Regular price per piece 349 SEK, price for this set 725 SEK. Amazing.

Leather products get a nice patina with time, it is a natural material and that is the beauty of it. You will notice that the size will grow a tiny bit, so if you try it on and it is really tight, do not panic, it will loosen up and get just perfect on your wrist.

Please keep your bracelet away from water and be careful with cosmetics, perfume and other chemicals.

  • Leather: Swedish reindeer, lamb
  • Clasp: Hand made button of Swedish reindeer antler and a leather loop.
  • Logo detail: Silver

Handmade with love and precision by women at a safe workplace in Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa. We are very proud of and very grateful for our production, we learnt a lot about life and the world setting it all up.